Super Affordable SMS & MMS for any size business

Once you have built your customer list, you have the ability to reach them instantly with SMS and MMS messages.

Very effective for consumer loyalty programs, and one-off campaigns. But, be aware of the limitations to ensure compliance with communication guidelines with respect to opt-in permissions.

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Why Create SMS Campaigns With Us

We listen, we deliver.

Marketing agencies are a dime a dozen. There are lots of freelancers worldwide that are also a good resource.

Our role is to listen to your needs and to deliver on what you need.

We have SMS campaign experts on-hand, but more importantly, we can help you bridge the gap into your long-term plans of hiring your own design team.

We also understand the connections between effective SMS campaigns, and building a successful business, and we don’t operate with any contracts.

Send Requests Easily

Simply type in what you need, and upload any supporting files, and we’ll get your job underway.
Recharge your wallet as needed, no subscriptions needed.

Optional Templates For Faster Implementation

No need to re-invent the wheel. Imagine how many businesses are out there which you can take inspiration from. We are expanding our template library all the time.

You Own the Files

Having access to your source files is a fundamental aspect of creating and managing your own Intellectual Property. You keep full control of your campaign creations.

Peace of Mind - Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the price so cheap?

We have a large subscriber base and so we are able to secure volume discounts to pass along to you.

Can I send out SMS to anyone I want?

No way. Remember that SMS is an opt-in style of communication. You must have expressed or implied consent to send SMS messages to your customers and prospects.

Can I get a report of replies and sending activity?

Yes, the Launchpad SMS portal has this feature build-in so that you have full visibility of the results of your campaigns.

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No matter the starting point, we’ll help you identify the next steps to achieve your KPI’s and business milestone.