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Empowering Filipino Freelancers to Expand their Horizons

Back in 2018, Launchpad began working with dedicated staff for it’s business solutions program. Since then we have expanded our approach to work with Freelancers that may be looking to secure more opportunities with international clients.


Our Team Onboarding Process

Client Needs

Our role is to ensure that clients are receiving the necessary expertise.

Candidate Shortlisting

Meeting candidates with a portfolio of past works is an important part of being considered for open positions.

Work Trial

We allow for a trial phase of work to enable that the project is within the candidates comfort zone.

Continuous Engagement

We take steps to ensure that the work is fulfilling and meeting the needs of the clients for ongoing employment.

Follow our Linkedin Page for Job Opportunities

Be sure to message us on Linkedin and highlight some of your areas of expertise and career ambitions.