Cliché or Clever?

Trust Building Time: Origin Story

After creating a few businesses, I wanted to call my next company Launchpad, because inspiration is important to me.

But it’s about as cliché as you can get for a marketing company.

Nevertheless, it’s a constant reminder that there are many things in our universe still yet to be explored, and you all can contribute in some way by helping creating something of value.

Not just technology, but services which make people smile, experience life to it’s fullest, and focus on improving peoples lives – all while making sure to keep the work-life balance for yourself and your family… Easier said than done? Let’s discuss.

We focus on these technologies almost exclusively:

An Open Letter to My Peers

I was like you.

I put in the time to find a customer problem to solve.

I created a prototype, a minimum viable product.

I took the leap and quit my day job.

Peers will question you.

And family.


Once you make your first sale off your own back…

Sell your first product or service…

Earn your first dollar…

You unlock the knowledge and ability to coach others to explore their entrepreneurial interests. With a portfolio of marketing and tech solutions, and nimble development teams… that’s where we are now. We are ready, are you?

Scott R. Springer
Launchpad – Business Accelerator